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Chalet Beaulier

Wilderness in Charlevoix

At 10 minutes from the Massif, this chalet, made entirely of wood, is the perfect place to escape in nature. The warm and inviting atmosphere of the place gives you all the excuses to relax for a moment…(more)


Chalet Beaulier

Classic and contemporary

This stunning luxury chalet with a size of 2750 sq. ft. can accommodate up to 12 people. Built on a large 35 000 sq. ft. wooded area; Chalet Beaulieu overlooks the banks of the St. Lawrence….(more)


Villa Andromede

The comforts of home

ConsBuilt with the same attention to detail that characterizes Villa Marvic; Villa Andromeda is the ideal place for those who want the comfort of their own home … (more)